About Us

Alexey Bokov’s studio was set up in Moscow in 2011..

At the time, Alexey had been having decade-long experience in design and had won the wide recognition of the professional community as a branding and visual communication guru. Why to launch a creative agency of his own? It’s quite simple: we have something to say to the world, and our words can turn your brand into a flash. We have amassed great experience and we are ready to share it. The studio’s works are stories told for every project by dramatic design means. Each project is a clear-cut visual and conceptual structure, a vehicle to bring home the key-note idea to the target audience, to boost the interest and to refresh the brand perception. To make our cooperation fruitful, we have set a code of ethics.

The studio welcomes new projects aimed at showing something new to the world. We do not collaborate with organizations harming the society or the individuality. We advocate the beauty of the world and wider awareness. We have to make sure that we and you share the vision of the beautiful. We start working not earlier than we go deep into your needs. If necessary, we can help you to prepare all required briefs and specifications. This is the starting point for each project. It is important for us to work closely with you and to enjoy mutual confidence. This brings forth potent Design with a capital D – which is our priority
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